5 Golden Seeds To Make Your Relationship Blossom

5 Golden Seeds To Make Your Relationship Blossom

In this day and age as you have realized by now so much is changing in the universe. One great noticeable difference is in our relationships with people, ourselves and all those we hold dear to our hearts. Up until now many of these relationships have not flourished in the way you truly want them too. With all these realizations that are happening, people can start to notice a new type of union unfolding, one that you have only ever dreamed of. This kind of knowledge is now available to the few that are ready to step into this cosmic understanding , and to bond on exciting new levels. If you are reading this now you are one of the few that can now contain the special golden seeds that can help your relationships flourish.

The first seed :  Transform yourself – Transform everything else

5 golden seeds

Physical reality is just a mirror, it is a reflection of you. If there’s something happening outside you that you don’t prefer to be experiencing then there’s something in you that needs attention.

Imagine, Looking into a mirror and seeing yourself, and seeing a frown on your face. You cannot reach into the mirror and change the frown into a smile nor can you out wait the mirror. You must smile first and then the mirror will smile back at you.

” You don’t need a reason to be happy- to be happy is reason enough”

If you can wonder about the ideal relationship you wish to be in?  step into that idea first- become it, own it, live it and you will see the reflection of it. By first noticing where you are now and realizing you have chosen to be there.

” You cannot change what you do not own”

The ownership of where you are now is where you chose to be . This realization can set you free. Once you realize where you are now in this moment of life is where you chose to be, This puts you at choice. The choice to know what you experience is what you chose. And the freedom to be specific about what you will chose next.

The second seed: State your value & value your state

5 golden seeds

What is important to you about the relationship you desire? What do you look for in your ideal relationship?

Values are the meeting grounds from which all can flourish. If you are not able to see what you value in your relationships you wont feel fulfilled in them.Sometimes when you are in touch and clear with your values  you can attract those that match this idea.

Imagine you are a magnet and you give off a certain electromagnetic charge. That vibration is the frequency equivalent to the values you choose to be clear about. So when you give off a certain value only then are you able to magnetize towards yourself your ideal partner magnet which has the equal attraction value.

There are two keys to this formula.

Firstly  you need to get in touch with the specific details of what you value in a partner. Because the universe is a reflection of you so if you are not clear, how will you get what you want?

Secondly once you become clear with your values your physical actions and behaviors must be congruent and representative of those values. Be in the state you desire first. ” if you are willing to be the effect the cause will fill itself in ” Be the result of what you desire.

The third seed: Flexibility of E-motion


Emotion is the movement of your energy. Its your flow. it is energy in motion. Emotions are evaluations of physical body sensations created in the body. They are fluid, malleable, and mold able like clay. You have the freedom to feel something and just like a flick of a switch choose to feel something else.

So if you are feeling something allow yourself to feel it – validate it – let it flow then switch it to one you prefer to feel. As you realize that emotions don’t hold you, you hold them in whatever way you want.

Imagine you are holding emotional clay in your hands and it’s the shape of anger. What does anger look like to you?

What shape does it have?

There are many types of anger –there’s calm anger, assertive anger, furious anger.

So as you see all the different curves of this clay you can texture it. However you choose and as quickly as you feel the shape of anger you can mold it into love.

Thus giving you the power and flexibility over your emotional state.

Seed 4: The soul mate Paradox

5 golden seeds


A relationship is essentially one thing in relation to another. How do you relate in your relationship?

In every relationship there needs to be a paradox, as with everything in life. As you know a paradox creates balance and balance is a fundamental element to living in harmony with those you love. A paradox is when the polarities , in this case you and your partner, see each other as equal. There is no need to win power, as you both contribute through this process of sharing. This increases the value in whatever you are creating together. It’s a partnership, its a coming together of your uniqueness to become a total sum of all the parts.

There are 3 understandings, that will create this effect we are sharing.

1) Be the person the other person made the agreement to be with

This soil is where you plant seed no1. Be true to yourself, know yourself and love yourself.

2) Don’t put your partner on a pedestal

Seed no 2 implants the idea of being equal of value. When you put someone else above or below you then you alter the magnetic polarity and disrupt the balance.

3)  Don’t need them.

As you gain flexibility and control over your emotional state you can feel complete. You desire to share with them what you already have and allow yourself to grow from what they share. You do not require anything from them, you are self-contained.

As two souls meet on middle ground , both whole and unite. Picture this as a beautiful dance of energy, a delicate movement of respect and awareness of the others unique flow. When the one steps forward the other steps back, allowing each other to move freely within the context of the dance you are choosing to dance. Do you dance together or stand on each other’s toes?

Allow this to be a dance of unity, where your hearts can meet as one in appreciation of each soul’s beauty and magnificence.

Seed 5: The four core ingredients for transformation

5 golden seeds

If you and your partner plant this seed together you are guaranteed that your relationship will flourish and climb to new heights.

These 4 qualities once planted into fertile soil will create a healthy stable platform from which all else can stem. A few questions to ask yourself to become aware of this process. What does having good integrity mean to you? How does honesty benefit your relationship?

Integrity is the ability to stand in your truth and to reflect a good sense of morals whereby your partner can trust you and count on your consistency. It’s about being congruent with who you say you are. It’s revealing an accurate map to them so they know exactly who and what they are dealing with. Allowing them to make their own decisions about what they prefer. Remember actions speak louder words!

Do you love yourself unconditionally? Unconditional love is when the things you do offer like your value, your love, time and energy is given as a gift and nothing is expected in return. If it is then it’s not love in the universal sense! True love contains no expectations, it knows its own value and will attract the equivalent, its allowing and fluid. Expectation is limitation for if you expect something to happen in a certain way you close all the doors from which it can come in a way that sprinkles your life with surprises. So love freely without conditions and experience the essence of what love is created to be. Be surprised and enjoy the presence of all that you deserve.

How do you communicate your thoughts desires and feelings?

Communication is key for all successful relationships. Communication is the communion of words and definitions in a way in which you can both relate to the others map of the world. Where you understand each other’s perspectives. The meaning of your communication is the response you get! So create a time and space from which you can be vulnerable to express your thoughts, ideas and open to receive another’s,

Communication is the translation of your inner world and for it to be done in a way that others can relate easily. So be clear on your intention as you convey it with love and clarity and you will find you can achieve so much more.

Is growth one of your intentions for your budding relationship?  If you have all these seeds and your intention is not growth then this garden will not blossom into all that it can be. Growth is when you both add and equal amount of value and that value merges together and becomes even more precious. The more energy you can direct into the shared vision you are creating the more it will bloom and bloom and bloom. It will become something extra ordinary. This is where growth leads to passion excitement fulfillment and evolution. The kind of thing everyone wants to experience.

As you take all these golden seeds into that place that has always been reserved for them, you may start to notice changes as they grow bigger and bigger into an exotic garden , An Eden full of colour and fragrances that radiate with vitality and motivation, This scared place with that sweet smell that others become aware of as well. Now as you realize all these understanding you feels those roots begin to penetrate every experience leading you towards the relationships you have always dreamed of.

It’s time to rise in Love and awaken with your relationships.