Research shows that it’s more about healthy fat loss than Weight-Loss.

No this is not another one of those body-shaming healthy fat loss posts, quite the contrary. Our bodies can seem like great miracles with even a rudimentary inspection. Every day, when I look at my daughter, it blows my mind to think that my body housed the making of hers.

We appear to be conditioned to obsess over our imperfections. We often forget to marvel at just how phenomenal our physical forms actually are. The way our bodies store fat is in fact a good example of just one of these organic mechanistic marvels. Without the capacity to store energy in the form of fat, we would likely not have survived the ice age. And take a look at those ancient artworks – The Venus of Willendorf for example – praising the physically abundant form. Fat used to be ‘Phat’ but now not so much.

We have a distorted perspective of healthy fat loss, or anything fat-causing.

As a society we’ve launched massive campaigns to eradicate the excessive possession of subcutaneous lard. We see endless articles on good fats vs bad fats. And we’re bombarded with weight-loss “solutions” but the truth is that we need to transform the way we relate to our bodies and to food.

We have these incredible bodies to enjoy this world with, and not to sacrifice to the gods of guilt and shame – making self-sabotaging offerings every time hands lift to mouths. There are many other factors can contribute to a well oiled body-machine that is in balance and healthy.

It’s common knowledge, that excess body fat is likely to eventually cause any number of health-related issues, so its important to focus on healthy fat loss methods.

From heart disease to diabetes. With most social and commercial remedies. The majority of symptom-relieving solutions that are offered by fanatical followers. Every new gym plan, diet or magic pill are more likely to send an eager experimenter spiraling back into fat soon after they discover that balance comes first.

So, at the end of the long and difficult day, the wise person will seek health and balance over the quick fix. Better health simply means becoming conscious of the quality of what one puts into ones sacred ( you-only-get-one ) body. This is where healthy fat loss awareness can make a massive difference in how you measure up on the scale.

You know the scene…

Tonight was pizza night and now here you are alone in the bathroom. You take a deep breath before heaving yourself onto the scale. Now you are within those millisecond moments before you glance at the results. Those numbers rise and you calculate every morsel you ate immediately vowing to starve yourself tomorrow “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow”: Macbeth sums it up nicely.”

Those digits you see as you peer down remorsefully…

DO NOT reveal your true body composition. All they do is tell you how much you weigh in total: which is your body mass. There are still a lot of health insurance companies getting this woefully wrong. Measuring a person’s health according to their BMI is just completely illogical, given the facts. Take, for example, the photo that follows of these two fellows. One appears to be very fit while the other, not so much.

healthy fat loss

However, the BMI model will argue that they are both obese. Are you seeing the problem here?

This model for assessing the health of a person seems ludicrous and flawed with a dooming irony: MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT! To say that the green and blue-colored bodybuilder is as overweight as his counterpart doesn’t make any sense.

And so the BMI, which is just looking at body mass in relation to height (and a few other factors) is outdated. It’s also important to mention that even skinny people can have dangerous pockets of internal fat. Visceral fat hugs our internal organs and in excess, this fat will suffocate our innards. The obvious answer then is to make a global shift to the BCI or body composition index model. It takes into account ALL of the separate components of the body. Watch the video for a better understanding.

Moving on to the do’s and the how’s… First off, throw out that scaly scale and get moving.

Exercise doesn’t need to be as boring and daunting as we make it out to be.

How do you like to move?

Hoola hooping, swimming in a river or just letting loose to some loud music in your lounge. When the body is given all that it needs to function optimally. One feels good and when one feels good, “lightness” emanates naturally. After all, to have a “spring in one’s step” ain’t so new a saying. Food and exercise (or lack there of) often gets all the bad rap for growing unwanted wobble. But there are other factors that are much more harmful; STRESS being one of the worst.

healthy fat loss

Cortisol, otherwise known as the stress hormone, has many functions in the body. A major one being the provision of energy. Cortisol stimulates fat & carbohydrate metabolism for fast-release-fuel. The unused fuel is then stored as fat. After a prolonged period of cortisol stimulation the metabolic rate is affected. This creates cravings for those quick energy foods – aka ‘the yummy tummy builders’. So, sitting at your desk and stressing about life will negatively affect your hopes for that typical beach body.

Another major cause of fat build up is that most of the food we eat is void of nutrients.

In this age of fast foods, in this age of fast foods the quality of food is causing protective panic in our bodies. We know that cortisol will prepare the body for famine by storing lard. But a real lack of nutrients will be as much of a reason for this mechanism as stress. So ensuring our bodies have all the  essential nutrients we need,  is just as important as exercise and zenning out.

healthy fat loss

True health is the best gift you can give yourself.

You deserve to enjoy your body, and it deserves your care. The truth is that, how you feel determines how you look to others. It doesn’t have to be the other way around. When you feel healthy, vibrant and comfortable – you are so unbelievably beautiful. When your body has what it needs it will be your very best friend. Stop weighting around !