Antioxidant support


There is something comforting about waking up, doing exercise and then making a delicious cup of coffee. That feeling you get with each frothy sip, holding the warm cup between your hands – it’s as if your brain switches on and energy starts pumping through your veins while supplying you with antioxidant support.

What makes this ritual so comforting? Perhaps it’s because we are taking time for ourselves to plan our day ahead or perhaps it’s because we need potion to get us in motion. For whatever reason, it’s in our best interest to have a healthy relationship with coffee…

So what are the benefits of drinking this rich, dark and creamy beverage:

1) Coffee is a potent source of Antioxidant support

Antioxidants are compounds found in some foods that stop or delay damage to the cells
and help to protect us from oxidative stress. In other words these helpful little guys keep us looking younger and healthier. It is therefore absolutely necessary to get Antioxidant support in your diet on a daily basis.

2) Caffeine provides a short-term memory boost:

There have been many scientific studies showing that caffeine can improve memory and prevent cognitive decline… Well, thats for sure, I never forget to drink my morning coffee.

3) Caffeine and exercise can help burn fat:

So it turns out that that surge in energy doesn’t just get our minds ticking but it actually burns unwanted calories too. Research shows that caffeine increases metabolism by 3-11%. I am talking about the pure stuff here – no added sugar – and, yes, that means no cows milk. The lactose in dairy is a sugar, and the combination
of this bovine drink and coffee can decrease the latter’s benefits. But don’t worry, there are some great alternatives like almond milk which is high in protein.

4) Coffee and its secret love affair with the Liver:

Coffee and the brain are BFF’s but coffee and the liver are secret lovers. Studies have found that coffee can assist in preventing cirrhosis, fibrosis and liver cancer. In addition to caffeine, coffee has more than 1000 other chemicals. Scientists are still baffled by this magical elixir. What they have found is that one of these
special little chemicals is called paraxanthine. This substance sends love notes throughout the liver, helping to regenerate and protect it from damage. Plus a flood of Antioxidant support makes for this to be power packed combo.

5) Coffee can put a smile on your dial and give you a happy heart:

If you have a cuppa in your hands as you read this you might feel the corners of your mouth turn up or perhaps the mere thought of its delicious aroma might stir up butterflies in your belly. Research shows that coffee can lighten your moods by elevating serotonin and dopamine release in your body. And most
people will know that these are our “happiness hormones”. There have also been many studies revealing that coffee can lower the risk of heart disease. Ahh, how many ways to say I love you…

Alas, as with all relationships, there are those giving goodies and those life-force-sapping baddies. The same is true for our special friends in a cup. With over a thousand different brands of coffee world-wide how do we choose our soulmate?

The qualities I look for in my morning romance are natural purity; ethics; and of course flavor. I am happy to announce that I have met my match. The world’s first coffee and coffee-berry blend. That wasn’t a typo: traditionally coffee brands only harvest the coffee beans and discard the berry fruit. This is a pity because the berry fruit is full of antioxidants so we’re only getting half the youthful punch. Additionally, the fruit contains special enzymes that help us to better metabolize the coffee beans.


Antioxidant support

The yummiest, healthiest cup of Coffee in the world !

So, in conclusion, the potent duo of the coffee bean and it’s long-lost berry fruit will take you on the smoothest café ride with a gently sustained energy boost all day. It’ll give you more antioxidants than you’ve ever had in a cup. Don’t forget the improved cognitive function, and don’t even get me started on its near-magical ingredient – glyconutrients (look out for my next blog on these amazing nutrients). This truly is a match made in heaven. Except that it’s actually made in a tropical coffee plantation.



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