Martin Maritz
Pro Athlete – Lifestyle Consultant

“I’ve been in the fitness industry for 15 years, I used to compete in body fitness, I was a fully sponsored athlete. Now as a corporate lifestyle consultant, with some of the highest profile clients in the country. I also work with some of the best body building athletes in the country.
I can safely say Mannatech was the missing link…since i discovered the amazing ability of Mannatech and the cellular communication combined with proper nutrition they provide, its changed the fundamentals of my business. Every client starts with these Glyconutrients, whether a athlete or a corporate , Mannatech is the way forward. I have found with all my athletes their absorption rate is considerably a lot higher , with dropping fat percentage. Their bodies are a lot healthier than they have ever been. Every athlete or person in my opinion should be using these products. I’m 178 cm , weigh 94% with 6% body fat, and i haven’t changed anything, and all my athletes are getting incredible results. Mannatech is the building block and foundation “

Morgan Migeon
Stylist & Wellness fanatic

” My nails have never been so long and so strong, these products are amazing !! I feel amazing, with so much energy”

Cilla Collett
Vegan Baker

“I started the glyco-nutrients about 15 days ago, i can honestly tell how much better i feel, its amazing. I have no more pain in my ribs, remember the pain i told you about, its gone !! No more pressure in my joints , i am sleeping so much better, and feeling so much more energy and alert, its quite amazing.. its been quite remarkable in what i have felt in such a short time, I’m feeling absolutely amazing “

Catherine Korte

Derreck Brown

Hellen Hoekstra

Marcel Troitzsch